Your HR training sucks, with love Gen-Y

It’s no secret that Gen-Y have changed workplace culture and with this our management styles and even language, however one aspect of business which has been slow to change is our workplace training.

Un-engaged young employees are simply not interacting effectively with traditional learning and training tools, which in comparison to the Apps they have in their pocket, in short they ‘suck’.

Neurologist Larry Rosen’s recent research shows that the average office worker can only focus for seven minutes at a time before they either switch windows or check Facebook. In fact, people check their phones 150 times a day, according to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s annual Internet Trends report.

Given this, its no surprise that our Gen-Y employees are unable to conform to our current ‘norm’ and actively participate in workplace training which consists of hours of speakers or worse an automated slide show with a quiz.

As HR professionals and business leaders we now need to look at what training and delivery method will meet our employees needs today and into the future. The looming introduction of the more complicated Millennial is near, and is set to further broaden the gap between employee engagement and work-place satisfaction.

The answer is simple, provide your company with the ability to change.

Why build a two-lane road when you know it will soon need to be a three-lane. Implement internal infrastructure that allows you to grow and adapt to the changing workplace needs.

Here are four things to keep in mind when planning this:
• Who you employ on your HR team; are they diverse in age, ability and interest?
• The delivery method; how do your employees like to learn or get important notifications of changes?
• The software you implement; does it offer enough functionality without being overly complicated?
• Employing right engagement tools; there are many tools like social recognition add-ons, which assist you in delivering effective content.

By delivering HR content in the right way, we can turn ‘it sucks’ into ‘check this out’ providing a strong pathway to employee engagement.

Richard CEO, Benchmark LMS

A seasoned leader in the eLearning and quality improvement industries, Richard’s passionate about employee engagement, social recognition and delivering exceptional business outcomes. His broad experience across business and technology roles has culminated in the creation of Benchmark LMS – Australia’s most simplistic learning management system with world-first employee engagement features.