6 Reasons to Implement Software to Manage Your Learning Environment

Educational institutions have never been more diverse with five generations – traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Yers and Millennials working side by side. In the past, schools and universities relied on the internal hierarchy of an educational body to ensure their students and instructors worked collaboratively; now they invest in technology to bridge the communication gap between these demographics.

Collaboration software and enterprise social networks can be very effective in the educational arena. Forward-thinking institutions are employing web-based collaboration tools such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) specifically mobile applications to cultivate an internal structure. Will investing in learning management technology benefit every institution? Absolutely. And this is why:

  1. Reducing expenditure. Regardless of age, everyone has a smartphone, tablet or laptop and can access an application. A learning management system can live in every employee’s pocket or bag and replace archaic practises such as attending a classroom style training session.
  1. Auto-scheduling. Scheduling of resources can be a nightmare, especially for big businesses. Benchmark LMS allows you to easily book resources such as rooms, projectors and PA Systems when booking a workshop or in person training (IPT) , streamlining the booking process of resources.
  1. Motivating staff.Through Learning Management System (LMS) technology, such as Benchmark LMS’ unique recognition system, administration is able to track the individual performance of a student in terms of training opportunities completed. This provides vital information on a student’s performance, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Uniting staff and students. Technology allows for staff and students to have real-time conversations, the easy to use online format breaks down social barriers allowing for fluid communication. Benchmark LMS provides a safe space for open discussion forums and encourages collaboration between students and their peers.

Benchmark LMS have engineered cutting-edge learning management system, focusing on productivity and engineering a collaborative learning environment. Contact Benchmark LMS on (02) 8214 8586 to discuss a solution that is best suited your educational institution’s needs.

Richard CEO, Benchmark LMS

A seasoned leader in the eLearning and quality improvement industries, Richard’s passionate about employee engagement, social recognition and delivering exceptional business outcomes. His broad experience across business and technology roles has culminated in the creation of Benchmark LMS – Australia’s most simplistic learning management system with world-first employee engagement features.