Only 13% of employees are engaged at work

According to Gallup’s new 142-country study, one in eight workers are likely to be making positive contributions to their organisations. The report states that companies who invest and attain higher employee engagement achieve three times the operating margin than those with low employee engagement.

Given this, what are you doing about it?

The answer for most of our HR professionals and organisation leaders is simply nothing, and is simply not good enough. Given the technology, knowledge and channels we now have to our employees, there is no reason why leaders should not be communicating and listening to their communities. outlined three key steps to higher employee engagement:

1. Hire the right people: With each new hire or promotion, employers have the opportunity to maximise employee engagement in the workplace.
2. Invest in developing strengths: employees who received strengths-based coaching saw their engagement scores improve substantially.
3. Enhance employee wellbeing. Everyone wants a good job, fair pay and affordable healthcare.

Given these steps, it is clearly the role of the HR function to turn this ship around and get employees on-board. Especially with the looming introduction of the Gen-Millennials, which are set to again alter the workplace as we know it.

So why is this still not happening, is it that our HR workforce is dis-engaged? Or this issue is simply not on our radar? Either way its time to turn those seven in eight workers into brand advocates and fast.

Read the full State of the Global Workplace report.

Richard CEO, Benchmark LMS

A seasoned leader in the eLearning and quality improvement industries, Richard’s passionate about employee engagement, social recognition and delivering exceptional business outcomes. His broad experience across business and technology roles has culminated in the creation of Benchmark LMS – Australia’s most simplistic learning management system with world-first employee engagement features.